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Why so nutty expensive?

BOOSTIE™ is unique because we use organic sprouted nuts and seeds, while the majority of other nuts on the market “are often roasted, flavored, or seasoned.”(1). 

The sprouting process is extremely beneficial because it reduces anti-nutrients, namely phytic acid (1) and lectins. It also boasts an abundance of essential nutrients including vitamins B’s, C, E, K and minerals such as magnesium, magnesium, copper and enzymes, and has been linked to improved health and less bloating (2). 

Sprouting is a labor intensive process that soaks nuts and seeds. Each variety requires different soaking times to achieve their peak bioavailability. (3) The soaking must be done in a sterile environment oftentimes difficult if not impossible to achieve at home. 

Additionally, BOOSTIE offers an eclectic variety of nuts and seeds, intentionally chosen and portioned and ready for you to enjoy, and provide your body with a broad spectrum of dense nutrients, all the while saving you time and energy. Simply, BOOSTIE is "nutrition made easy."

There really is nothing else like BOOSTIE out there, which is why it is pricier than the “normal” nut blend you might find on the shelves. The benefits of this organic, clean product are worth every penny. 

As the saying goes “health is wealth” so here’s to your BEST health! 

Shop for BOOSTIE delivered right to your door!

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1 Comment

I love knowing I’ve had an intense dose of nutrition without a big meal!! Boostie is the best food source for my busy lifestyle!!

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