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When we hear the word “medicine’ we usually think of little orange bottles and pills with hard-to-pronounce names. However, there is another antidote for many health conditions - we’re talking about food as medicine. 


More than nutrition, food can actually be a tool in helping both preventing and treating diseases (1). Today we’re going to be focusing on nuts and seeds which are beneficial for health across the board. 


Nuts and seeds are super powers for cardiovascular health because they lower inflammation related to health diseases. In fact, studies have shown that the risk of a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, or cardiovascular disease is lowered 30-50% for people that consume nuts several times a week (2). 


Eating nuts and seeds regularly can help lower LDL aka bad cholesterol, decrease risk of blood clots and lower risk of high blood pressure. They’re good for the heart because they contain “omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, unsaturated fats, plant sterols and L-alginine,” according to Mayo Clinic (3). 


Additionally, nuts and seeds are beneficial in reducing the risk of chronic diseases (2). A 2019 study found that people with type 2 diabetes who ate nuts and seeds had a 27% lower risk of death from any cause than those who did not (4). Research has also shown that nuts and seeds are beneficial for preventing diabetes, cancer and neurogenerative diseases (5). 


Studies have also found links between nuts and seeds and weight loss/ regulation. While nuts and seeds have gotten a bad rap because of their high calorie and fat content, it has been found that the healthy fats in nuts and seeds regulate appetite and subconsciously discourage less healthy choices (6).


However, like all medicines, nuts and seeds are best in specific “doses” or servings. It is encouraged to eat a 1-ounce serving several times a week to properly reap the health benefits without going overboard calorically. A dietician from Samaritan Weight Management Institute says “each nut contains different nutrients so the greater variety you eat, the better” (5). 


Luckily, BOOSTIE makes it easy to improve your health with pre-fixed 1-ounce servings with a melange of nuts and seeds. BOOSTIE assures that you get the best quality organic and sprouted nuts for all of your health needs. 



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