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Healthy Snack Ideas With BOOSTIE

Whether you are looking for new snack ideas to add to your daily menu, a post-workout snack, or want to keep something simple in your bag for when random hunger pains strike, finding healthy snack ideas that are also tasty can be a challenge. The key is to choose nutrient-dense foods to maximize their benefits and manage hunger throughout the day. These seven healthy snacks are great any day of the week and can be customized to your personal tastes, so mix and match for an endless array of options.


Nuts are packed with fiber, healthy fats, and protein. They also keep you fuller longer than many other snacks, giving them a one-two punch. Consider raw pecans, almonds, and cashews for a tasty treat.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants, pairs well with various other snacks and goes exceptionally well with nuts. It is also a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth, so it may work well for those who like desserts after dinner.

Greek Yogurt

High in protein, plain Greek yogurt is a solid snack on its own but makes a great base snack too. You can add berries, slivered almonds, dark chocolate, or any other of your favorite healthy toppings to add variety and a flavor boost.

Celery Sticks

Celery sticks are a low-carb, low-calorie snack. Paired with cream cheese, you will have a high-fiber snack with a mix of creamy and crunchy to keep you full. Another option is to use peanut or almond butter to spice up this veggie snack. If using nut butter, adding a few raisins for the classic Ants on a Log is a great way to get a little natural sweetness. Of course, you can use other dried fruit or even fresh banana slices.


You can't go wrong when you choose fruit for a snack. Whether you snack on a fresh, crunchy apple or enjoy pineapple with cottage cheese, there are many options. Dried fruit is also an easy, portable option.


Smoothies are such a versatile snack. They can be highly personalized with your favorite fruits for a slightly sweeter taste but packed full of veggies and healthy fats for more health benefits. A high-protein smoothie is a substantially filling snack to tide you over but also works well as a light meal. Pour your favorite smoothie recipe into a popsicle mold for the hot summer months and freeze for an incredible afternoon treat!


BOOSTIE combines a variety of nuts, organic sprouted seeds (emersed or soaked in water and gently dried), and cacao nibs into one delicious package. The great thing about this snack is it is ideal for your work bag, gym bag, hiking backpack, or any other bag because it's an entirely raw food meal or snack in a convenient package. Each pack is full of electrolytes to make you feel great no matter the activity. It is also tasty when added to your favorite granola, your morning bowl of cereal, or smoothie recipes. Top your morning bowl of oatmeal with BOOSTIE, or mix it into a bowl of yogurt for a healthy and filling meal.

One packet of BOOSTIE provides the perfect quantities of nutrients to make it a powerful snack. It comes in three delicious flavors - Naked, Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade - so you can change it up and keep it fresh. You can buy flavors individually or mix it up with a variety pack of BOOSTIE for the right combination of flavors. It even comes in a convenient subscription, saving you 10% off your order, so you always have this powerful snack ready for your on-the-go lifestyle. If you have more questions about these healthy protein snacks, contact BOOSTIE today! We can't wait to meet you!

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