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BOOSTIE your energy at work!

It’s 3:07pm and you’re staring at the emails trickling into your inbox. “Only an hour and 53 minutes left.” Your eyes are heavy and your brain is foggy. It’s the dreaded afternoon slump. You’re not being dramatic when you want to crawl under your desk and shut your eyes. It’s scientifically proven that our natural 24-hour circadian rhythm not only makes us tired at night, but also between 1 and 4pm. Given it’s impractical for the average person to take a nap every day at that time, here are some ways to combat the sudden crash in energy:

  • Get enough sleep at night - This tip seems like a no-brainer, but getting a good night of sleep is crucial to a productive day. Put away your phone. Have a nighttime routine.

  • Make sure there’s plenty of light in your workspace - External cues, such as sunlight, play an essential role in keeping us alert and awake.

  • Listen to music - Upbeat music can increase our energy levels, according to research.

  • Walk around - Taking a lap around the office (or your living room if you WFH) gets the blood flowing so you’re ready to handle the next tasks. There’s nothing wrong with taking a short break!

  • Eat with energy in mind - Try to skip the sugary, high carb breakfasts and lunches and go for something rich in fiber with whole foods, such as BOOSTIE. BOOSTIE will save you time in the morning (i.e. less time meal prepping and more time sleeping) and still provides real ingredients. You can easily add it to any part of your meal in smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. The same logic goes for the afternoon-slump snack. Instead of a temporary sugar rush, opt for a snack like BOOSTIE (pro-tip: even Naked BOOSTIE is delicious) that has the nutrition to sustain long-lasting energy.

BOOSTIE provides the nutrition you need to help you get out of the afternoon slump and onto the last task of your “to-do” list!

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