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  • Reduce Joint Pain

  • Boost Athletic Performance

  • Support Brain Health

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whAT is boostie perfect?

After years of intense research to find an easy way to protect her health, founder Goldie strategically formulated a powerhouse mix of organic nuts and seeds that are gently “sprouted” to ensure the body absorbs all the nutrition without the stomach upset and bloat that some people experience with nuts. Friends and family were so impressed with Goldie’s results of eating this mixture daily that they asked her to supply it to them. And just like that, BOOSTIE™ Perfect was born!  

Dump the Chemicals & add in REAL FOOD NUTRITION.


Each perfectly balanced serving is packed with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, plant protein, and fiber…basically, it’s a superfood that tastes great! One packet of BOOSTIE™ contains more nutrition than you’ll find in any other one ounce of food. Everything your body needs to perform at its optimal best is found in BOOSTIE™ Perfect, including electrolytes in our flavored options. Consumed as part of a diet of healthy food, adding BOOSTIE™ Perfect daily to your yogurt, smoothie, oatmeal, ice cream, or even straight out of the packet takes you to the next level of nutrition. It makes you feel satisfied for hours without the bloat and calories. When we call it “perfect,” we mean it! Check out our ingredients.

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Why is Sprouting So important?

Sprouting (soaked and then gently dried) makes the nuts and seeds easy to digest, the nutrients more available and tastes better too!


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BOOSTIE™ Perfect is amazing. After seeing the results on my skin, hair, and nails, I signed up for a subscription.   

— Eileen P., Missouri

BOOSTIE™ Perfect works.  After adding it to my Oatmeal every morning, my joint pain is almost completely gone!  

— Helen A., Missouri

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