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More than just a gut feeling…

Feeling sluggish? Always bloated? Easily sick? It might be time to take a closer look at your gut health. Recently, “gut health” has come to the forefront of many experts and for good reason! Guts are microbiomes, containing “trillions of microorganisms and their genetic material that live in [our] intestinal tract,” according to Healthline. Think of your gut as home base for everything: from your weight to your kidneys to your heart to your immune system, and even your brain! In fact, studies suggest that the bacteria in your stomach has the power to control your emotions and your energy. The best way to achieve great gut health is to start with nutrient rich food. Remember the saying that food is fuel?! Enter BOOSTIE…BOOSTIE is rich in vitamins and nutrients. A key benefit of BOOSTIE is that one package contains 14% of your daily fiber intake. Fiber is essential in your gut health. It is a carbohydrate that our bodies can only break down by specific bacteria in the gut’s microbiome, resulting in “by-products that are critical to human health.” Additionally, BOOSTIE “Perfect Raspberry” and “Perfect Pink Lemonade” contain electrolytes, which regulates fluid in and out of your cells. In your stomach, it helps build sufficient levels of stomach acid (HCL), which is essential in managing healthy bacteria. BOOSTIE provides a simple, clean way to make sure you keep your gut microbiome in check, leading to a healthier, happier life. What are you waiting for…it’s time to BOOSTIE your gut health!
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